Papa Valentines

Dad's birthday falls on V-day so made a combination occasion out of it
Pretended we had a reservation at a restaurant yet instead vamped up our dining area with a little craftiness & candlelight. And Surprise! (you get the gist) Instead of the cooking malarkey, we got two marks & sparks £20 deals for a three course meals with a bottle of wine - so damn good!


Bunnies & Bubbles

Who wouldn't want a party at the Playboy bar?! okay maybe some people...
This trendy party had a playboy bunny serving vodka shots & caviar as people arrived (as you do) plus a tasty varied sweetie bar to snack on & a champagne fountain to end with - Wahey!


Pillow Talk

Got ourselves down to pillow cinema to watch 'beyond the pines'
Comfiest way to watch a film by far as you snuggle in your blanket in the old Shoreditch Station. We saw it advertised a lot so thought we might as well & actually isn't that expensive either; we also had the added bonus of seeing a bit of Gosling too...


Diner Time

Another past party I helped out with an American Diner theme 
The venue is in quite a remote location in London yet super cool as it's an authentic 1920's Diner! The guests (which were dressed to fit their theme) even arrived in a old school american bus & were treated to milkshakes on arrival.

 Their driver below (spot the big burger cake too!)


Sweet Thang

Just a few events I've worked at in the past with tasty desserts
So hard to resist when you know they're only for the guests but then they hardly eat it! (heart stomach breaking to watch) - I mean it's free people! It's okay I managed to nab one or two...

 At a valentine's event below 



Cosy Posy

Headed to this pretty cool venue in Exeter after my Sister's Graduation!
It's an old converted hospital using clever branding & pretty-ing up the interior - loved it allespecially spotting all the old fashioned elementsfeaturespaintings they left on purpose! (not going to say no to a cheeky cocktail too...or should I say two)


Edible Playground

For my sister's christmas present I got her a ticket to a supper club!
I feel like I got myself a present too by accompanying her (promise that wasn't the plan!)  So we arrived at Christabel's apartment for 'edible playground' to commence, the photo below shows how it proceeded:

 Snakes & Ladders Starter
 Sand Castle main meal
 Jenga & Lego dessert
Painted chicken & met lovely people too!


Aloha pardy

Another kids party I helped out with...um guess the theme
The venue certainly fit perfectly - palm trees / balloons / fairy lights / buckets & buckets filled with sweeties / oodles of leis / balloons (dw I purposely wrote this twice) / hula hoops etc etc


Cakes & Kebabs

Quick snaps displaying mbirthday weekend celebrations with family & friends
Little selfish of me really I should say 'our' birthday. Okay, so now that's out of the way, let me explain that of course both days revolved around food haha - first was a family surprise afternoon tea in Richmond with a beautiful window view of river. Had a super snazzy bathroom too which I would have happily eaten in (is that too much of aexaggeration? I dunno). Another day was spend with mclosest mates gorging ourselves with arabic kebayumminess around the Edware Road area - got to love the stove oven bread!