Merry mish mish

Woo Christmas time - mistletoe & wine! 
I feel like as you grow older, the things you do around/before christmas is more exciting than the actual day...sad but kinda true. I like the festive build up (think it's the Britishness in me to be fair).

Christmas gift bags I created for the cousins 
Festive cupcakes I made 
White choc marshmallow pops!


White balls

A company's gallery opened up a ball pit to keep the December stresses away
Funny enough my sister actually had a crappy day beforehand but we'd already booked a spot so wasn't backing out - anyway that was completely forgotten as we were welcomed with mince pies (great start)! Luckily we even had the whole pit to ourselves; it was a lot bigger/deeper than I originally thought. Such a clever and simple design concept.


Soho Though

We were staying closer within London so decided to take the most of it!
Took a (sort of) planned stroll around Soho to the places we'd been meaning to go to; a temporary exhibition 'Lights of Soho' from God's junkyard, a tasty and ridiculously filling/food coma inducing - those battered shrimps though - Japanese meal from Sasuke and checked out 'The Poundshop' for treats & bits! 

Here is the kitty cat 'Star' we stayed with   >'.'<


East Landan Tour

Went to a free pre-chrimbo East London tour!
It was a pretty last minute plan as a friend couldn't make it and how can you say no; Also a sucker for free stuff. It's cool to discover all these secret places, markets, bars and canals that I'd never been to before and met some lovely people there from all different backgrounds tooWe tested ice cider, enjoyed a cuppa on a rooftop with a view, walked along the canal and did a lil bit of cocktail making!

 Our tour guide 
 Thrift store in an old laundrette 
 So hard to say no to these at the market - cute as