Rollin' Rollin'

In the mood for having a mini feast with friends so hosted a sushi night
Well we'd actually received a sushi kit for our birthday so put two and two together and bam - thanks Alex! Determined to create super cute (or kawaii some may say) treats for desserts; semi-japanese style. Animal doughnuts, bear cookies and marshmallow pancake parcels. Too adorable to eat. Ah who we kidding, that didn't stop me.


Soho Tour

As part of the Soho Hype Tour we had a little go at cocktail making
Not gonna to pretend I'm a pro now, however, I enjoyed the experience! Also met some of my sister's friends which was lovely, as well as getting a chance to chat to others that joined the tour. Great way to discover a few more gems without doing the research yourself.


Carpark Sounds

One of those super rare hot summer days in London
Made our way to Frank's rooftop to relish in the sun overseeing the skyline. As it began to set, we headed down a couple flights to catch an orchestra playing in the carpark - pretty awesome acoustics.


Your Decision 

As part of our little gallery day we headed to the Hayward's Decision Exhibit
There were many subtle 'decisions' to make whilst you walk through from deciding which dark tunnel to venture through to whether you should swallow a pill that fell from the ceiling (of course I did, it's harmless... I hope). A highlight would definitely be exiting by spiral slide; every home should have one.


Sister Sister

It was a very sisterly London weekend we planned
Walked around exploring different galleries and exhibitions around London at the time with my two sisters, followed by a dessert dinner at Bills. Ahh perfect. 

Then headed to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens


Heartbreak Hotel

One of those spontaneous purchases before you really know what it is
All we knew was that there was some kind of experience. After we 'checked-in' my sister and I were separated in different groups to go around the scenes within the hotel - quite nice going through it alone and then meeting at the end to discuss what we each saw. Felt like a peeping Tom in each room as stories unfolded - must say the set design was pretty impressive!

A little song to end the night!


Rain Bow

Children have it good these days, what happened to simple Maccy D parties eh?
Here's a rainbow birthday party set up in Holland Park that I helped out with. What a 
lucky girl! Now craving colourful sweeties....


Mother Time

Majorly playing catch up, but wanted to document this beauty
I treated my mama to afternoon tea in a lovely setting after a stroll around the Fan Museum. This conservatory is really something! You can't help but glare around your delicately painted surroundings as you sip your tea; I left inspired and very full.



Papa Valentines

Dad's birthday falls on V-day so made a combination occasion out of it
Pretended we had a reservation at a restaurant yet instead vamped up our dining area with a little craftiness & candlelight. And Surprise! (you get the gist) Instead of the cooking malarkey, we got two marks & sparks £20 deals for a three course meals with a bottle of wine - so damn good!


Bunnies & Bubbles

Who wouldn't want a party at the Playboy bar?! okay maybe some people...
This trendy party had a playboy bunny serving vodka shots & caviar as people arrived (as you do) plus a tasty varied sweetie bar to snack on & a champagne fountain to end with - Wahey!


Pillow Talk

Got ourselves down to pillow cinema to watch 'beyond the pines'
Comfiest way to watch a film by far as you snuggle in your blanket in the old Shoreditch Station. We saw it advertised a lot so thought we might as well & actually isn't that expensive either; we also had the added bonus of seeing a bit of Gosling too...


Diner Time

Another past party I helped out with an American Diner theme 
The venue is in quite a remote location in London yet super cool as it's an authentic 1920's Diner! The guests (which were dressed to fit their theme) even arrived in a old school american bus & were treated to milkshakes on arrival.

 Their driver below (spot the big burger cake too!)


Sweet Thang

Just a few events I've worked at in the past with tasty desserts
So hard to resist when you know they're only for the guests but then they hardly eat it! (heart stomach breaking to watch) - I mean it's free people! It's okay I managed to nab one or two...

 At a valentine's event below