Its Just, a Sugar Rush

Wherever I travel, I make it my mission to find what sweet treats they have to offer
Luckily, I had my trip to Barcelona with friends to look forward to this summer. One of the places they always mention in the guidebooks is the food markets! You cannot say no to those smoothies, but make sure you look around first to get the best for your money - I got a Strawberry and Mango smoothie! So soothing in the heat.

 Central market with smoothies and a amazing marzipan sweets.
 Ice-cream with eyes? I knew I wanted needed it and with your choice of flavours and toppings, how can you go wrong.
This is the kind of Pharmacy I need, Happy Pills, prescribe me with sweet thangs any day. 
My sticker on the bottle reads: 'For increasing your chance of adventures'.


Sew Your Soul

I was so excited to go to this unique corner-shop with all the essentials...entirely in felt.
Lucy Sparrow spent 7 months sewing every item displayed herself! Slightly crazy, but at the same time I find myself wondering why didn't I think of doing that? I found out she was doing felt workshops (which was completely free!) so off we went to hit two birds with one stone.

 Picking up a cheeky mag
 The lovely lady herself serving the customers
For the workshop, we headed to a room above a pub, reminded me of a secret teenage den.. in a good way
Et Voila! These are my very own felt Pick 'n' Mix! Quite therapeutic to make and felt almost 50's, sewing away whilst talking about the great british bake off with the other ladies taking part.