FashComm Girls

I had such a lovely weekend where I had a little reunion with the uni girls
It kicked off with lunch in the park, snooping around Graduate Fashion Week to spy on the new talent and saying a quick hello to our tutors. 1 year has gone bloody fast. Our stomachs then lead us to an amazing mexican place where we shared platters, cocktails and wine - making the most of happy hour of course. Then pouring more wine at a nearby chinese bar, where we stayed for chit chats! - Sorry for the crappy phone quality photos.

Posing in the toilets at the mexican place
Love the interior and lanterns here

We then headed back to our friends house to have a good ol' fashioned sleepover (pancakes in the morning). And I need to add that it's always fun to meet people on the night bus home too!


Pick Me Up '14

This year I was determined to go to Pick Me Up & see what was going down
I was so jealous last year being stuck up north while everyone raved about it, so off I went. It's basically illustrators galore and very inspiring to see what everyone is up to...if not a little intimidating? But I do love being around creative people. Next year I need to go with someone to share the experience with - so many things I wanted to point out!