Drama Drama

 Little secret. Recently I've been a little bit addicted to watching Korean/Japanese dramas...
I've actually really enjoying learning more about the cultural differences, like what is and isn't acceptable. But one of the main things I focus on is the food! Literally never craved Ramen so much. There's some serious creativeness (cuteness) that goes into their bento boxes...someone please make me one. Thanks. Some screenshots below of the shows I've watched:

Ah and the style! Simple but effective.
 This character made chocolate versions of her boyfriend...so he can eat his face.
How much do you want to eat this?! She made made this for a picnic.
Definitely tried these in Japan haha - looked like a scene from a horror film.
Spotted some Lazy Oaf too! ^ I've actually managed to pick up a few phrases while watching (not a lot but still!)


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