End of the World

A few weeks ago I went to the end of the world party with my friends in London.
Of course I am still here (do not fret!) and although it wasn't exactly how I imagined it, it was a fun night with my friends. Well I really thought it was going to be this massive experience and build up but I guess I've just been to better production/ themed nights...sounds harsh, maybe it's because I paid more than I normally would for a night out? Anyway, that is just my opinion! Here are some snaps:

 People wrote what their last wishes would be - by the end of the night there was writing all over the walls.
Waited for the countdown to end, but were gutted to just see it fade away at 5 seconds, I guess to show the world didn't end...
I don't want to put a downer on the night, tbh the music was fun (songs I haven't heard in ages), people held up the signs while dancing and there were things upstairs you could do like getting your make-up done etc. Either way the end of the night is a winner if you end up in McDonalds...haha.


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