The Weird & Wonderful

 So many odd and surreal things around, it makes exploring even more exciting!
It's all these trends & fetishes that I find really bizarre & interesting at the same time. Almost like everyone knows about it, accepts these things which are out in the open, but no one really talks about it at the same time. Lots of things I want to learn/understand about the modern Japanese culture.

These ice-cream cones look good enough to eat - but I'm afraid you'll be getting a mouthful of plastic! 
There's an obsession with the way they look, it's sad to see how many Japanese would prefer to look more western & the lengths they'll go to achieve it.
Cat cafes - It was a shame that most of the cats were fast asleep when we went (wanted to shake them awake), therapeutic though.
Saw many different themed Love Hotels, the outsides are over the top & tacky which makes them even more awesome! I'd love to look inside one day.
I honestly wish we went to Karaoke more than we did, its so much fun! I guess after watching Lost in translation it's the cliche thing to put on your list...it's even funnier if you hear other people singing (badly) in the other booths!


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