Sweet Thang

Those who know me know I have sweet 'teeth' & so I was ridiculously excited about this part of my travels.
How could I resist?  I could have done several posts on this but for everyone's sake I decided to condense it. It's another factor that shows that Japan is definitely the place for me! (Although I know my dentist will not be happy about the amount of sugar I consume...).

Ice-creams: Soda pop ice lolly / Grape & soda ice-cream / Disneyland ice-cream / Packaged ice-cream
Bakery: Totoro puff pastries / Cute seal doughnuts / Panda & Santa bread / Disney Mike Melon buns
Desserts: Breakfast pancakes / Cake topping Sundae / Cake buffet! / Massive Thanksgiving Sundae
Treats: Panda snack & candy floss / Moomin sponge cake / Snoopy doughnuts / Halloween HK doughnuts
The last picture shows why it was very hard to close my suitcase...I couldn't come back empty handed, absolutely love the packaging!


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