Street Style

Now when we set foot in Tokyo, I felt like we were surrounded by super stylish people.
Ok probably because I was. I felt so plain, but at the same time it was really inspiring (I don't think they even know it). They seemed so confident and for the girls it was definitely all about those long legs! I loved spotting those wacky outfits and I'm not going to lie, I did double take a few times. 

We met this girl in an art exhibit, this is actually part of her bedroom & she also showed us a photo album of selfies, what a cutie. 
Lolita girlies in Harajuku - Everyone was so sweet when I asked if I could take their photo.
More street style: The girl on left was so shy, I didn't realise she was listening to music so I think I scared her a little when I approached her.
Amazing wig shop we found with every colour and hair style you could think of! Honestly couldn't decide which I would get!
Halloween was full of insane costumes filling the streets at night, everyone went full out (as you should) and it was probably the loudest I've ever heard them all be! I'd love to relive that day again.

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