Place to stay

We stayed at several different types of accommodation in Japan & there were some favourites.
There were a couple of shared hostels, a guest house, a couple of hotels and even a fancy design capsule hotel. I have to say, the all girl guesthouse was a gem! We stayed for one month and it felt like we were actually living in Tokyo rather than visiting :)

Pretty girly decoration in the guesthouse living area
Names of all the girls in the guesthouse / Gathering mail / Supermarket microwave dinner  / Needed emergency tea
Now I had a really good night sleep in this unique capsule hotel with our own tv & headphones inside:
Capsule's essentials including pjs, towels & toothbrushes / Toilet buttons.. / Hotel robes & paper cranes / Hotel view
Our last hostel where it was completely made out of concrete - so cool!


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