More Grub

To be perfectly honest I was a little worried I wouldn't take to meals in Japan.
I'm not completely fond of seafood which sounds silly being in a fish-loving country and I really didn't want to offend anyone. But actually, I grew to enjoy it, pulling away from my comfort zone & trying new things. Now I wanted to show what isn't really typical of a Japanese meal/drink but is stomach pleasing nonetheless! 

 I'm sure I gained an addiction to Fanta grape (a familiar taste I can't quite put my finger on) & Melon soda! I love the artificial taste.
 It's interesting to see how they put an egg over your main course, never had that before - it's cracking!
Family restaurants were good for a cheapo meal. It's a western meal with a Japanese twist so didn't feel like we cheated & it's something different.
 Creative island meal from the Thunderbirds restaurant - clever and yummy: bonus.

Something no one mentioned to us was their pastry & bakery goods! Maybe the Japanese don't eat them as much as they are all so slim, but we definitely feasted on them...maybe a little bit too much.


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