Birthday Fiestaaa

 About the only few things I like about my birthday is gathering my friends over & decorating! (&cakeofcourse)
This year, my twin and I decided to host a little Mexican fiesta meal so we decided to go all out! We basically handmade all the decorations, from loads of tissue paper flowers to cutout design garlands - pretty time consuming but worth it in the end! If all else fails, I wouldn't mind setting up a party planning company to be quite honest!

My little brainstorm of ideas beforehand
The lovely Frida making an appearance for the occasion
We all stuffed ourselves with burritos and mojitos whilst playing mexican tunes in the background.
Photoshopped my face on a saint jar candle holder I decorated...controversial? haha
You know...the essentials.
Yummy Sombrero rainbow biscuits...because why not ay
The gang sporting their moustaches/Frida Kahlo eyebrows! Looking dashing.

Past parties we created: Pink Cake&Cocktails / Jubilee Tea Party 


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Kirstie said...

This looks incredible - the detail! I freaking love Mexican food...I think you've just given me some amazing ideas for my 22nd (only a short 5 months away haha)