Birthday Fiestaaa

 About the only few things I like about my birthday is gathering my friends over & decorating! (&cakeofcourse)
This year, my twin and I decided to host a little Mexican fiesta meal so we decided to go all out! We basically handmade all the decorations, from loads of tissue paper flowers to cutout design garlands - pretty time consuming but worth it in the end! If all else fails, I wouldn't mind setting up a party planning company to be quite honest!

My little brainstorm of ideas beforehand
The lovely Frida making an appearance for the occasion
We all stuffed ourselves with burritos and mojitos whilst playing mexican tunes in the background.
Photoshopped my face on a saint jar candle holder I decorated...controversial? haha
You know...the essentials.
Yummy Sombrero rainbow biscuits...because why not ay
The gang sporting their moustaches/Frida Kahlo eyebrows! Looking dashing.

Past parties we created: Pink Cake&Cocktails / Jubilee Tea Party 



Street Style

Now when we set foot in Tokyo, I felt like we were surrounded by super stylish people.
Ok probably because I was. I felt so plain, but at the same time it was really inspiring (I don't think they even know it). They seemed so confident and for the girls it was definitely all about those long legs! I loved spotting those wacky outfits and I'm not going to lie, I did double take a few times. 

We met this girl in an art exhibit, this is actually part of her bedroom & she also showed us a photo album of selfies, what a cutie. 
Lolita girlies in Harajuku - Everyone was so sweet when I asked if I could take their photo.
More street style: The girl on left was so shy, I didn't realise she was listening to music so I think I scared her a little when I approached her.
Amazing wig shop we found with every colour and hair style you could think of! Honestly couldn't decide which I would get!
Halloween was full of insane costumes filling the streets at night, everyone went full out (as you should) and it was probably the loudest I've ever heard them all be! I'd love to relive that day again.


The Weird & Wonderful

 So many odd and surreal things around, it makes exploring even more exciting!
It's all these trends & fetishes that I find really bizarre & interesting at the same time. Almost like everyone knows about it, accepts these things which are out in the open, but no one really talks about it at the same time. Lots of things I want to learn/understand about the modern Japanese culture.

These ice-cream cones look good enough to eat - but I'm afraid you'll be getting a mouthful of plastic! 
There's an obsession with the way they look, it's sad to see how many Japanese would prefer to look more western & the lengths they'll go to achieve it.
Cat cafes - It was a shame that most of the cats were fast asleep when we went (wanted to shake them awake), therapeutic though.
Saw many different themed Love Hotels, the outsides are over the top & tacky which makes them even more awesome! I'd love to look inside one day.
I honestly wish we went to Karaoke more than we did, its so much fun! I guess after watching Lost in translation it's the cliche thing to put on your list...it's even funnier if you hear other people singing (badly) in the other booths!



More Grub

To be perfectly honest I was a little worried I wouldn't take to meals in Japan.
I'm not completely fond of seafood which sounds silly being in a fish-loving country and I really didn't want to offend anyone. But actually, I grew to enjoy it, pulling away from my comfort zone & trying new things. Now I wanted to show what isn't really typical of a Japanese meal/drink but is stomach pleasing nonetheless! 

 I'm sure I gained an addiction to Fanta grape (a familiar taste I can't quite put my finger on) & Melon soda! I love the artificial taste.
 It's interesting to see how they put an egg over your main course, never had that before - it's cracking!
Family restaurants were good for a cheapo meal. It's a western meal with a Japanese twist so didn't feel like we cheated & it's something different.
 Creative island meal from the Thunderbirds restaurant - clever and yummy: bonus.

Something no one mentioned to us was their pastry & bakery goods! Maybe the Japanese don't eat them as much as they are all so slim, but we definitely feasted on them...maybe a little bit too much.


Place to stay

We stayed at several different types of accommodation in Japan & there were some favourites.
There were a couple of shared hostels, a guest house, a couple of hotels and even a fancy design capsule hotel. I have to say, the all girl guesthouse was a gem! We stayed for one month and it felt like we were actually living in Tokyo rather than visiting :)

Pretty girly decoration in the guesthouse living area
Names of all the girls in the guesthouse / Gathering mail / Supermarket microwave dinner  / Needed emergency tea
Now I had a really good night sleep in this unique capsule hotel with our own tv & headphones inside:
Capsule's essentials including pjs, towels & toothbrushes / Toilet buttons.. / Hotel robes & paper cranes / Hotel view
Our last hostel where it was completely made out of concrete - so cool!



Sweet Thang

Those who know me know I have sweet 'teeth' & so I was ridiculously excited about this part of my travels.
How could I resist?  I could have done several posts on this but for everyone's sake I decided to condense it. It's another factor that shows that Japan is definitely the place for me! (Although I know my dentist will not be happy about the amount of sugar I consume...).

Ice-creams: Soda pop ice lolly / Grape & soda ice-cream / Disneyland ice-cream / Packaged ice-cream
Bakery: Totoro puff pastries / Cute seal doughnuts / Panda & Santa bread / Disney Mike Melon buns
Desserts: Breakfast pancakes / Cake topping Sundae / Cake buffet! / Massive Thanksgiving Sundae
Treats: Panda snack & candy floss / Moomin sponge cake / Snoopy doughnuts / Halloween HK doughnuts
The last picture shows why it was very hard to close my suitcase...I couldn't come back empty handed, absolutely love the packaging!