Colourful Light

More quick snaps from my little trip up in Newcastle
A pretty colourful collections of imagery below, which is mainly down to the exhibition at the Baltic - really cool and effective. If you cast your eyes lower, there's a couple pics from the Inky Jam I went to, where I learnt so much more about the company and was even gifted with real jam (Blueberry jam incase you were wondering mmm).



Whey aye man

Trekked back up north recently to see my ol' northern home for biz 
Made sure we had time for chill time seeing as we had to stay over anyway (love an excuse to check in a hotel). Of course this also involves food. A new restaurant called Coop Chicken by the station caught our eye so off we went and yes, they serve only chicken. Particularly enjoyed the theming of the interior, even down to the toilets which made you feel like you were kept in a farm, minus the smell/mess. And in true geordie style, they served our sauces in shot glasses - wouldn't have it in any other way.

Right: In the 3 years up in Newc, it was the first time we walked passed this door with a bunny guarding the front, cute.


Design Fes '14

Didn't end up going to half of the exhibits I wanted to during Ldn design festival, gah.
How annoying, but it's ok I only have to wait another year...the main point is I went to a few as you can see below! Got to say my fave was the BMW mirror installation in the V&A - so simple yet effective. We also turned into massive posers.



Its Just, a Sugar Rush

Wherever I travel, I make it my mission to find what sweet treats they have to offer
Luckily, I had my trip to Barcelona with friends to look forward to this summer. One of the places they always mention in the guidebooks is the food markets! You cannot say no to those smoothies, but make sure you look around first to get the best for your money - I got a Strawberry and Mango smoothie! So soothing in the heat.

 Central market with smoothies and a amazing marzipan sweets.
 Ice-cream with eyes? I knew I wanted needed it and with your choice of flavours and toppings, how can you go wrong.
This is the kind of Pharmacy I need, Happy Pills, prescribe me with sweet thangs any day. 
My sticker on the bottle reads: 'For increasing your chance of adventures'.


Sew Your Soul

I was so excited to go to this unique corner-shop with all the essentials...entirely in felt.
Lucy Sparrow spent 7 months sewing every item displayed herself! Slightly crazy, but at the same time I find myself wondering why didn't I think of doing that? I found out she was doing felt workshops (which was completely free!) so off we went to hit two birds with one stone.

 Picking up a cheeky mag
 The lovely lady herself serving the customers
For the workshop, we headed to a room above a pub, reminded me of a secret teenage den.. in a good way
Et Voila! These are my very own felt Pick 'n' Mix! Quite therapeutic to make and felt almost 50's, sewing away whilst talking about the great british bake off with the other ladies taking part.



Food Glorious Food

We were celebrating the lovely Sally's 26th birthday not long ago!
She invited us for a sunny bbq in her back garden, with plenty of cocktails, crisps dip combos and chit chats. I brought over some homemade cupcakes and Lillie (her sister) created an amazinggg Grumpy Cat cake which you can see below - genius. If only we could have stayed longer! 

 Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry hearts / Chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate mice
And here are some cupcakes I made for my neighbours to say a little thank you for looking out for us :)


Magnum Dip

For quite some time my sister raved about this pop-up her company were creating
It's basically designing your perfect Magnum with lots of melted chocolate and picking from a variety of yummy colourful toppings. They literally add your chosen toppings in a mini cocktail shaker, which they then sprinkle over your thickly dipped chocolate ice lolly - I chose pieces of meringue, cookie crumbs and berries! Salivating thinking about it...well worth the £4.50 price and while your waiting there's the amazing display surrounding you; the detail is insane.

Look at the concentration, that guy knows what he's doing
 Have I convinced you yet....mmm
Oh completely forgot to say it's in Selfridges in the Wonder Room - Should be there until end of August I believe!



Break time

 Now that the weather's picking up I'm trying to force myself to get out more
Its not that I'm a loser, I just find it so easy to get comfortable and stay cooped up indoors, but I'm trying to make more plans, honest. So below are a few different days in London on my days off or after work from the past month. Hopefully more to come!

Open air cinema in Vauxhall - Mean girls! Jingle bell rock scene...
 Hyde park, exercising the horses 
 Had my absolute favourite ice lolly, ZAP, at Hampton Court Palace with my dad
And finally, a good ol' jump photo in front of Buckingham Palace!


Vintage Exeter

Weeks ago the fam went to visit my sister in Exeter where she's doing her Masters
I've never been before and luckily we picked a weekend where the weather was co-operating! Not going to lie, most of the time it revolved around food (not complaining) but definitely gained a few after. The photos show this cute little vintage afternoon tea cafe, the decor was so cute and their fresh lemonade was perfect for the summers day.

Also went to this little alley with an amazing vintage shop and retro cafe attached to it at the end - follow the pink!



FashComm Girls

I had such a lovely weekend where I had a little reunion with the uni girls
It kicked off with lunch in the park, snooping around Graduate Fashion Week to spy on the new talent and saying a quick hello to our tutors. 1 year has gone bloody fast. Our stomachs then lead us to an amazing mexican place where we shared platters, cocktails and wine - making the most of happy hour of course. Then pouring more wine at a nearby chinese bar, where we stayed for chit chats! - Sorry for the crappy phone quality photos.

Posing in the toilets at the mexican place
Love the interior and lanterns here

We then headed back to our friends house to have a good ol' fashioned sleepover (pancakes in the morning). And I need to add that it's always fun to meet people on the night bus home too!


Pick Me Up '14

This year I was determined to go to Pick Me Up & see what was going down
I was so jealous last year being stuck up north while everyone raved about it, so off I went. It's basically illustrators galore and very inspiring to see what everyone is up to...if not a little intimidating? But I do love being around creative people. Next year I need to go with someone to share the experience with - so many things I wanted to point out!