London Design Festival

I only had time to make the most of ldf towards the end, but it was a good excuse to spend the day with dad
My family really like Zaha Hadid's work, an Iraqi architect, so we ventured to her gallery in East London and caught a tour. Everything looked amazing, I especially loved the staircase! Definitely worth a visit.

And off to the Victoria and Albert museum


The last week

A few snaps from my phone of the last week of my internship & during LDF
Luckily, we managed to go to Donna Wilson's opening night which was just across the road from work - ideal and I loved it. Received a lovely goody bag and spotted Rob Ryan there too. Note to family and friends: Feel free to buy me one of her creations.

Can't wait to use my little stamp set 
A meet up with Beth and Heather at London Wonderground, Southbank Centre.
Lemon thank you cake I made for my last day at my internship



Dirty dancing! [Day]

Luckily my sister managed to get tickets to the Dirty Dancing event after helping set it up
We all dressed up like it was the summer of 1963, ready to head off to Kellerman's holiday resort. At the location we were greeted by excited 'American' holiday staff for a briefing and then went off to explore the surroundings. People were life-drawing, hula hooping, playing sports, doing some aerobics and of course dancing! One of the best sections was the guarded staff cabins as the only way of getting in was saying "I know Johnny".

Trying to have a sneaky look inside the staff cabins where the real dirty dancing is..
Love letters to Johnny ;)
...and had a few dancing lessons by the stage too


Dirty dancing! [Night]

Little bit over due but here are the photos of the open air cinema
As soon as it started to get darker we found a patch of grass and laid down our picnic blanket ready to watch the film! So different to any other cinema experience I've had in the past as actors appeared at prominent parts (syncing with the scene), when songs played everyone got up and sang/danced.

Massive dance party and giant beach balls bouncing around at the end



Wandering around

A few quick snaps after a (long) walk around different places in London
Glad we made the most of the lovely sunny weather last weekend and we even came across some dinosaurs along the way... as you do.

[Below: Graffiti by my work placement]



Surprise post

 Came back from work to a cute little package from Tattly a couple weeks ago 
It was a reply to my letter I sent but I honestly didn't think I would get anything back let alone a lovely handwritten card and a generous selection of tattoos! I especially love the packaging and lines of stamps...I'm easily pleased.