Banana & Toffee

 I was bored and hungry last week so decided to make a Banoffee Pie!
Here are the stages/layers below...I'm going to say it was nice and healthy due to the amount of bananas chopped up ;)
but who am I really kidding?

(it also had chocolate drizzled over this layer of bananas)



Welcome Home

My eldest sister just came home a couple weeks ago after traveling for around 7 months
So we invited several family members over for a little get together to hear about her travels and admire her crazy-amazing dark tan (also to celebrate one of my cousins getting into uni)! My contributions: I made a surprise sign for her and tabbouleh for our meal.



Knee Deep '13

Knee Deep was actually my first time going to Cornwall, to a festival and first camping experience.
Pretty crazy that I waited until I was 22 to do these things but my family have never been the camping type and lack of money always put a barrier between me and festivals. That was the perfect thing about Knee Deep, it was affordable. It suited me pretty well, you could just sit on the grass and listen to the music, and I hadn't really heard of any of the bands so I discovered some gems:
[Farewell Jr, Cloud Boat,  Deafkid,  Amateur Best]
And then we partied it up at night!
 During the day we chilled out, listened to the music, made our little campsite homey with bunting and had breakfast in style.
After the weekend we drove to Looe - Pasty, bakery & Sweet galore! I had a lovely time spending time with my friends :)