Last room

 Andddd this is how my last ever uni room looked like...
It turned out really girly in the end, I mean I like the look of 'cute things' but if you ask the people who know me, they'll tell you that I'm not a super girly person. All in all, it doesn't really make sense but hey, I like it and here are a few pics before I packed up.

Little sketches of ideas I did before moving last year
My work space area
Small collection of cameras
And this is possibly my favourite thing in my room, my round oriental rug that I got from a charity shop for £5. Sad to see it go!



Playing catch-up

Worked at Wimbledon Champs again this year as a glamourous night cleaner for a month straight..
You do what you have to do although there were a few perks, but it was a tiring time too so I probably didn't make the most of it. I came in early for my shift a few times to watch the games - mainly Henman hill and managed to get on Court1 at one point. Also, this year they gave us hot food for lunch! 
 Below are the views I had every morning towards the end of my shift - pretty
This was my quick little thank you card to the lady who sweetly left us chocolate every night for cleaning her office.