Tea Picnic

My friend Chloe read about this place in the paper so we decided to check it out.
We spent all our spare time there as it was the perfect sunny day in London. Within this structure created by Sou Fujimoto, Fortnum and Mason were serving afternoon tea in picnic form! The staff being so friendly, twisted our arms & we ended up purchasing one. Completely worth it.
We ate half on the structure and then took the rest (using the complimentary picnic matt) to the park! 
Just the relaxing time we needed.
[Again, sorry about the annoying quality of these pictures]


Food food & more food?

During Graduate Fashion Week I ate and drank a lot. Yeah, it needed a post on its own.
Lo' and behold...pictures of food/drink. I'm afraid it's something this generation has become obsessed with and I'm not going to lie, I love it.

 Homemade cupcakes from the Ding family / Greek pizza from Pizza@Home, well recommended / Kiss for Jools frozen yogurt / Strawberry cheesecake smoothie from my local train station
On Tuesday, me and my uni friends went to Meat Liquor for some burgers 'n' booze. When we arrived, there was a long queue & a wait for a table but I can definitely say it was worth it! We even got to see someone attempt the triple chilli challenge (very ManVsFood) & used their photo booth.
 Got to say, after having little time to spend with my friends during deadlines, hanging out with them during GFW was pretty good!


Graduate Fashion Week '13

After working every single day for months on end, my uni work and uni life is now over. 
But really it's ongoing... it was straight into Graduate Fashion Week! Pretty nice seeing work from all the other universities and attending talks with Henry Holland, Nick Knight and Victoria Beckham (Yes, you read right) has spurred me on to work even harder if possible. Okkk, getting a little too deep! You can check out my work HERE if you're curious.
 My money (business cards) / My work at the Northumbria stand [after some of my items were stolen :( ]
I was also lucky enough to attend the Gala show - please excuse the bad quality phone pics!