Tatty Devine Holi

I was lucky enough to get tickets for Tatty Devine's I Heart Holi party & it was definitely worth the wait!
This event, which was in collab with iHeart Studios, had music, dancing, giveaway games, makeovers, yummy cocktails and many more treats! All we had to do was follow the lines of white balloons and orange elephants on the pavements to arrive at the venue! 
 Tasty food wrapped up in a ripped page from a Vogue issue, ha loved it!
 Only place where it's acceptable to shout in someone's face "YOU'RE TOO WHITE" and throw powder at them.
 Journey home was interesting lol; We tried to act as if nothing was different, but couldn't quite avoid the stares.
In our goodie bags; didn't expect the necklace, such a nice surprise :) It was also lovely to speak and see the familiar faces of the Tatty Devine ladies I worked with during my internship!


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