Monki sneak peak

The Monki shop in London is quickly becoming a favourite of mine so finding out there was a 'Sneak Peak' Mag launch party was a no brainer about going.
Other than the cool interior, it was such a fun & welcoming atmosphere with free drinks handed out, loud music playing & 20% off too! Upstairs we [Jenn, Lillie & I] went to look at more clothes and in search of a spare mag that had all been snapped up, but were distracted by complementary fake eyelashes, as you do. I decided to go for some wacky ones (below) because I thought what the hell 'go crazy or go home'..ok i have never ever said that in real life but you get my drift. Ah I'm clearly tired so I'll let my photos do the talking. 
 Live music from the Foxes, sounded so good.
Came back with a helium balloon, Monki magazine and wearing those shiny eyelashes (&weird looks walking home)


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lillie said...

just seen this! it was a great evening, thanks for letting me know about it! your lashes were flippin banging. xxx