Meadham Kirchhoff

 Yesterday I finished my internship for the PR company for Meadham Kirchhoff!
Being one of my favourite designers, I was so excited for the upcoming LFW show! One the intern's main jobs were to hand deliver all the invitations all around London for 3 days straight, which is as tiring as it sounds. Yet as soon as show day arrived, all the work was a little bit worth it although I only managed to catch the last moments of the show after helping out at the front, but being around the preparation & backstage was just as good.
Here is the Wax seal on the invites with their MK logo 
And outside the Topshop venue 'Blackscore' were giving out these cool free fashion tees [obvs I got this one] which I'm giving to my friend Jack because it's more his style :)


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Anonymous said...

do you have MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF contact email address? I am a fashion student looking for an internship as well and it would be great to see what I could get!