Oh Oui Oui

Prepare yourself for a handful of photos below from my long weekend in Par-eee... er Paris.
Summing it up quickly: HOT [38 degrees - I am actually pathetic in heat], walking everywhere equals achey legs, yummy french food, amazing graffiti, glowing lights at night, erm..some crazy people, perfect window sills, outdoor cafes, homeless people, makeshift beaches, the accent....
Okay I lied, I could go on some more.
View from our hotel room / Graffiti / Clever sign / Macaroons! / Virgin Suicides Open Air Cinema / Kirsten Dunst on screen / Inside the Cafe 'Amelie' worked in / Cheese fondue dinner / Graffitied van / Failure to take group picturesMy travel journal / and inside it. 


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lillie said...

ahmaaaaazing photos dana! xx