Oh Oui Oui

Prepare yourself for a handful of photos below from my long weekend in Par-eee... er Paris.
Summing it up quickly: HOT [38 degrees - I am actually pathetic in heat], walking everywhere equals achey legs, yummy french food, amazing graffiti, glowing lights at night, erm..some crazy people, perfect window sills, outdoor cafes, homeless people, makeshift beaches, the accent....
Okay I lied, I could go on some more.
View from our hotel room / Graffiti / Clever sign / Macaroons! / Virgin Suicides Open Air Cinema / Kirsten Dunst on screen / Inside the Cafe 'Amelie' worked in / Cheese fondue dinner / Graffitied van / Failure to take group picturesMy travel journal / and inside it. 



London Bolt

Small selection of photo memories from London to Manchester
Last week I had a few days at Hannah's new pad in Manc spending our time catching up, vintage shopping, watching a film on the make-shift sofa, eating morning waffles & drinking cocktails at night - ah bless. 
[loved watching people take photos next to these - London Bolt] -  Manchester:



Garden Sun

A last minute invite to a Wedding party on Sunday held in the grooms family's back garden.
I say garden but it was so much more than that! Luckily, it also turned out to be a beautiful sunny day too as everyone sat on the hill enjoying the scenery, eating an Iraqi buffet followed by the most delicious looking desert table which I happily piled on my plate.
This little dog decided to sit by us whist we ate dessert, aww.



London Olympics 2012

Feeling the Olympic buzz at the moment, glued to the TV & basically wishing I still did some sort of sport now..
Last Saturday I was lucky enough to see some ladies's Artistic Gymnastic, ah it was so good - so much better seeing it in person! Also can't believe it was my first time at the O2 arena (aka Millenium dome), need to go back. 
At the event they really hyped everyone up as soon as you arrived at the station & the music was pretty powerful - showed this to us on the big screen, Enjoy! [Muse - Survival]
After we ventured to Southbank where everyone was still enjoying the festivities 
So much good food around and I saw at least 3 different old fashioned ice cream vans, lovely day :)