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Been at home for a while now, doesn't seem like I've done much but went to Graduate Fashion Week this year...
Okay I know it was a while ago now but I found it really inspiring for my final year, although it also jolted me into reality of all the work I'm going to have to do. SCARY. But exciting too? I can't seem to stick to an idea but I'm trying to brainstorm as much as possible before 3rd year starts.
 My uni, Northumbria University, had a such a good display of work. A prime example from my course is April Bowden's 'Play the British Field' book, full of quality photographs. I mean just look at the sheer size of it, amazing.
 And obviously it was Father's day last Sunday! So I made him this simple card :)
Amongst other things, I've also tried to make the most of the summer by drawing when I can, like this one above, so hopefully by September I will see an improvement! I'll keep adding them here.



Katrina said...

that greeting card is just amazing! so is your drawing. talented! xo

The Young Bridget Jones

Hayley said...

That drawing is amazing :) x

The Fashion Milkshake said...

Nice post !

3 words YOU HAVE STYLE !
How was fashion week > ? what did you see ? :)

I'm an instant follower of you now :)

Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



Chloe said...

FANTASTIC drawing!!