Second Bedroom

I spend the majority of last week packing my life up until my room looked sad, bare and lonely.
I honestly didn't know I owned so much crap, it's almost embarrassing. I always prided myself in not indulging in too much but I'm doubting myself now, ha. Anyway, I never actually finished decorating my room so looks a bit plain but hopefully next year I'll go more out with it.
 Half dollies at the bottom of my window ledge.
 I did love my inbuilt square shelving unit, especially with all my heels/wedges stored at the bottom.
Made this my little dressing table area, with an outline of a frame i created on the wall with string and a few more pictures of me and my friends....And thats it, I am looking forward for my room to be a bit smaller next year just so it's cosier :)


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Hayley said...

I love the photograph bunting that's a really good idea :) x