Second Bedroom

I spend the majority of last week packing my life up until my room looked sad, bare and lonely.
I honestly didn't know I owned so much crap, it's almost embarrassing. I always prided myself in not indulging in too much but I'm doubting myself now, ha. Anyway, I never actually finished decorating my room so looks a bit plain but hopefully next year I'll go more out with it.
 Half dollies at the bottom of my window ledge.
 I did love my inbuilt square shelving unit, especially with all my heels/wedges stored at the bottom.
Made this my little dressing table area, with an outline of a frame i created on the wall with string and a few more pictures of me and my friends....And thats it, I am looking forward for my room to be a bit smaller next year just so it's cosier :)



Home Surprise

I'm definitely not the luckiest of people but a while ago I won these amazing books from Hardie Grant!
I had to wait until I got home to see them - it kind of prolongs the surprise so I didn't mind as much. Best part was that I  completely forgot they were all signed too, not gonna lie, I was especially excited about the signed Viktor & Rolf book!
Really keen on trying some of the recipes in the Arabian cookbook too, most of it are things I'd eat at home anyway :)
Also came back to another surprise! My mum redid my room slightly, making new curtains I picked out years ago and painting my walls cream from my overly bright colourful ones that I had since year 8 which didn't suit me haha. Cool. Now bring on summer



Tea Bags

Georgie's 21st birthday was on Saturday & so I wanted to make her a treat which goes with our shared love of tea
After looking at some inspiration I decided to create these homemade 'tea bag biscuits' that I customised slightly too.
Tied string and made little personalised tea-bag tags with '21' and 'G' on either side.
Created my own packaging for her with a little description and ingredients list at the back etc.
Let's hope they tasted nice!



New A Gender

With my free time I decided to go along to one of my lecturer's exhibition 'New A Gender' on opening night.
''An exhibition exploring what masculinity means in contemporary society  through the platforms of photography, film, art and clothing.''
 One of my favourite series of photographs at the exhibitions by Christopher Hodge
Ann Kirkbride, another lecturer at my university, illustrated people throughout the exhibit time.
I spend most of my time just watching her draw, it's amazing how quick she is.
If you're up in Newcastle you still have until the 24th May to go and check it out [Link]



Indoor Picnic

 It was Jes's 20th birthday party a while ago & because we can't rely on the weather she hosted an indoor picnic!
Looked so cute all set up on the table there. I contributed by bringing some Red Velvet cupcakes [her fave] with mini strawbs and chocolate dipped Cake-pops! Later on we celebrated with cocktail or two at a near by bar :)



Story of a Girl

I was sorting through my work recently so I could organise a quick portfolio & realised I hadn't posted this..
It was all apart of my mini magazine module in the 1st semester where we had to recreate an issue of a mag of our choice & I chose Lula Magazine. Ages ago, I actually posted a sneaky peak of the photos but here is a bit of the final product!
Flattened flowers & petals then scanned them for the editor's letter page
I drew out my 'Story of a Girl' title,  copying the font style used in my issue of Lula.
Hope you like my magazine/photo-shoot - really couldn't have done it without my model Jess :)