From cupcakes, with love

My mum received this perfect little cupcake a while back from my friend Safia!
It looks so tasty and has glitter on it too! [bonus in my eyes] So as a supporter of cakes I feel it's my duty to share her equally yummy blog, 'From Cupcakes, With Love' (link), full of her lovely cupcake designs. AND she even takes orders!
I squished the icing a bit by accident, oops.


P.s. I need to learn how to make those red velvet whoopie pies on her blog! why have I never had them before??

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dearsafia said...

ahhhhhh haha i saw this as a preview on my bloglovin' feed and was like hey that's a cool cupcake...look's just like mine do! and then i read on....

thanks for the mention lovely :) xxxx