Milkshakes & V&R

I'm now trying to enjoy my new free time in my own way
E.g. I went to one of my favourite caf├ęs in Newcastle with my uni friends today, having a good chit-chat  accompanied with milkshakes & cakes.
Also did this drawing a while ago - this summer I need to draw more and actually finish reading my book I borrowed over Easter. Small goals. 



Fun exhibit

Basically finished my second year at uni (wahey) but now I feel a little bit in limbo.
I had my last hand in and presentation on tuesday, working hard up until late the night before. Here are a few snippets of one of my projects - bits of my sketchbook mostly. I had to design my own exhibition so decided to create the 'Fun Exhibit'.
 Research - I actually want to live in this house!
 My photoshop visuals of the inside area.
 Let's hope all that work was worth it. 



Koko theatre

Couple of photos from Twin Atlantic's London gig on Tuesday night
I've been to the venue Koko in Camden before, an old theatre, and I'm still in love with the whole design of the place!



From cupcakes, with love

My mum received this perfect little cupcake a while back from my friend Safia!
It looks so tasty and has glitter on it too! [bonus in my eyes] So as a supporter of cakes I feel it's my duty to share her equally yummy blog, 'From Cupcakes, With Love' (link), full of her lovely cupcake designs. AND she even takes orders!
I squished the icing a bit by accident, oops.


P.s. I need to learn how to make those red velvet whoopie pies on her blog! why have I never had them before??


London blossoms

Went around London on Thursday before the 'Daughter' gig in Islington
Boring weather talk but it was a surprisingly nice day so went for a spontaneous walk around. Sunshine, blossom trees, dream houses. What's not to love?
I have it in my head that once I get my perfect job, whatever that may be, I'll be able to indulge in these pricey little delights whenever I want!
After getting lost to the venue, we finally got to hear the support band 'Theme Park' which I'll definitely follow up and Daughter whose voice is pretty amazing live!
But now my priority is getting my work done.


Quick fix

Quickly whipped up these little choco cuppy-cakes for a girly sleepover on Tuesday
Er not that I actually stayed over...but this is my way of apologising? Just a super simple vanilla cake with chocolate icing and caramel chocolate piece as a topping.



Luggage Barrier

A little review from the last few weeks - in photo form of course!
I seem to always have the same ol' same old excuse that I have lots of work to do blah blah blah boringg. But I will eventually get it done this Easter...well I don't really have a choice. OK now the photos.
 Jes and I made Heather this chocolatey layer cake for her 20th!
 Heading back home for Easter, watching 50/50 (aah Joseph G-L) & a 'anything left in our fridge' sandwich on the train.
 Arrived at Kings Cross Station, the new architecture looks so cool! & couldn't help going to Platform 9 3/4 ;)
Who doesn't love breakfast waiting for them after an early train journey.