Sweets, shoes & lights

On Saturday I went into London to meet my friends who are working at LFW & to get a FW buzz too
But no, I chose a day with pouring rain and ending up with make-up all over my face. Luckily we did manage to go to Somerset House for a while but then opted for a hot drink in a near by cafe :) 
 Before all that we spend a over £25 all together on these sweets in Covent Garden, it sure is a Sugar Sin.
 And quickly bumped into another cute little sweet shop near by! [Hope and Greenwood]
 Love the colours of this outfit, very complementary to each other, even her hair!  1st thing I notice is the shoes, I want/need them all.
After I ventured to Carnaby St on my own and came across this beautiful lighting, almost like curtains.
I didn't want to leave but I've now reluctantly travelled back to uni.



AVY said...

Oh, all that candy... looks so good.

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S. said...

That looks like such a great place :)

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