Slice of pie

Haven't baked something in a while now, not sure if it's just down to pure laziness.
Then again this was a easy enough recipe to do anyway! Marshmallow pie! I'm definitely going to make it again, it taste so good! Next time I think I'm gonna add a layer of chocolate too :) also so glad the snow decided against staying up north :) 
The new Tatty Devine collection came out this week, Check it out. Small achievement but I did a lot of the  arranging [shwooshing] & cleaning  (skulls were the hardest to clean) of the jewellery for this photo shoot during my summer internship with them :)
Also recently got these wedges..pure Acne Atacoma fakies! Not even real metal, but instead of spending hundreds of ££, I only paid £26 so I really don't care haha



Anonymous said...

I love this Marshmallow pie!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new Tatty Devine collection <3 !!! Also, these wedges BETTER be making an appearance in Manchester in 3 weeks :) xxx

Anonymous said...
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