Sweets, shoes & lights

On Saturday I went into London to meet my friends who are working at LFW & to get a FW buzz too
But no, I chose a day with pouring rain and ending up with make-up all over my face. Luckily we did manage to go to Somerset House for a while but then opted for a hot drink in a near by cafe :) 
 Before all that we spend a over £25 all together on these sweets in Covent Garden, it sure is a Sugar Sin.
 And quickly bumped into another cute little sweet shop near by! [Hope and Greenwood]
 Love the colours of this outfit, very complementary to each other, even her hair!  1st thing I notice is the shoes, I want/need them all.
After I ventured to Carnaby St on my own and came across this beautiful lighting, almost like curtains.
I didn't want to leave but I've now reluctantly travelled back to uni.



Glitter hearts

It seems the connection with Valentine's day overall is food in my opinion.
Chocolates, cakes, all things nice & indulgent. But it's also my dad's birthday so that always makes it special too!
I decided to make some cupcakes for my friends :) 
Few glitter hearts, arrows, gummy lips...
Think they liked their little surprise :)
& Some treats we got last week at a bake sale in the uni design building, hope everyone had a lovely day!




My friends & I love dressing up for the hell of it cos if you can't do it at uni when can you?!
Last Monday night we decided to go out with a 'American' theme & everyone looked amazing dressing as a NFL player to a Hooters girl, so much fun :)
 Snacks kindly provided by the girls before we went out, some sweeties & popcorn!
 I did a last minute dress up as a 'Diner girl'!
My make-shift rollar skates with my frilly socks, do you like them?



Slice of pie

Haven't baked something in a while now, not sure if it's just down to pure laziness.
Then again this was a easy enough recipe to do anyway! Marshmallow pie! I'm definitely going to make it again, it taste so good! Next time I think I'm gonna add a layer of chocolate too :) also so glad the snow decided against staying up north :) 
The new Tatty Devine collection came out this week, Check it out. Small achievement but I did a lot of the  arranging [shwooshing] & cleaning  (skulls were the hardest to clean) of the jewellery for this photo shoot during my summer internship with them :)
Also recently got these wedges..pure Acne Atacoma fakies! Not even real metal, but instead of spending hundreds of ££, I only paid £26 so I really don't care haha



Lost in lace

Last Tuesday my class all went to Birmingham to see the 'Lost in Lace' Exhibition.
I didn't really know what to expect but I was quite amazed - so below are a few pictures I took inside the exhibit. (it's on until the 19th Feb if anyone was interested! & free entry)
 Stop at the service station equals McD sausage, egg & cheese bagel, perfect in the morning :)
My favourite from Chriharu Shiota [See how it was made here]
After, a group of us went window shopping at Selfridges & went to Ed's diner where I had a cherry coke float. Yum



Mag exhibit

Last week I went to the Design building to see the Fashion Communication's magazines.
Both second & third year work was out, but was mostly interested to see what I have to do next year. Looks like A LOT of work! Some of their photo shoots were amazing! 
 Second year's mini magazine module.
 Loved this illustration idea next to the photo-shoot from 'Rage Magazine' created by Sophie Steward.
Earlier that day I got a big mug of chocolate with whipped cream & those twisted marshmallows.
Need to get myself some of theses instead of the normal mini ones I get :)