Mainly food

Last week Hannah came up to stay in Newcastle with me for a while! 
We (I know I'm speaking for her, but I hope she did) had lots of fun going around town, just lounging around, ate a hella of a lot of junk & watched 'The Help' too [recommend it]. My room felt really empty after she left.
 Add em' up and what do ya get? 
 Had to show her my fav little cafe :) - never-ending tea
Most amazing sweet shop, inside there are so many more of these jars filled with sweets! I was actually hoping to apply & get a job here (because it would be perfect for me) but no vacancies. Oh well, I can dream.



I was here

Coached it back to the north last week but was still working for a deadline, bleh.
Good news (erm for me) is its all handed in now, yay! So now I'm just gonna chill out until next week when I start my new modules plusss my friend is coming to stay for the weekend! :)
 Work all done with my fingerless gloves worn in my cold house
 Made red velvet cupcakes with Jes, yum-ee
Then watching Beyonce whilst enjoying our cupcakes & a cuppa, perfect combo.



Lotta pink

As promised a few photos from the lil' party I had for my birthday
We decided to decorate our conservatory with any material found, balloons, fairy lights, floor seating etc & then surprise everyone with it later. It wasn't the plan but everything sort of turned 'pink' so just went with it. Ermm so enjoy?
Quick brainstorm of ideas beforehand
 Small sweet & snacks laid out to go with our 'Cakes &Cocktails' theme/ Home made party hats at the end
-make your own cocktails-
 Light pink lemon cake I made :)
Bam! and that is that.



The day came

I turned 21 on the 4th (sobs), makes you realise each birthday that there's no turning back.
But morbid thoughts aside, me & my sister decided to organise a party to have beforehand, just something small with a few friends which is definitely more my style.
 The Invitations I drew for my special guests :)
And  in a air mail envelope sealed with wax, stamped with a penny [so simple!] Then secretly posted in person.
Photos of the actual gathering to follow :)



'bout 10 days ago

Ah the Christmas post - overdue, t'was a lovely hectic time to spend with the fam.
I know everyone is on the 'New Year's resolutions' bandwagon but maybe I have too much to list? 
 My prezzies
 Christmas meal, Iraqi style!
 Decided to make Jamie Oliver's 'Epic hot chocolate' & Waffles on boxing day.
Think we did the hot choco wrong, didn't turn out how we wanted it to but next time..
They really don't lie about eating non-stop over the Christmas hols!