Summer break

I'm becoming a final year -blogger- cliche by not posting for months. 
Many people I really wishing away the time and want to graduate asap but for me, I'd rather go backwards. I like being in the uni bubble. What am I meant to do after? I have no clue. Although at the time my Summer felt unproductive, looking back I had a good one. Some Film pics:

Notting hill Carnival / Balloon room (house party) / Picnic / Paris Flea Market / Coach home (Battersea power station).



MK Cakewalk

I feel I have to dedicate a post about the Meadham Kirchhoff cakewalk catwalk.
As I have a massive sweet tooth, this was the best thing ever! The models were encouraged to eat & pick the icing off the cakes while they walked Marie Antoinette style & after it ended I managed to eat one of the cupcakes on the catwalk which was delicious, Pomp de Franc never fail to impress! 



Meadham Kirchhoff

 Yesterday I finished my internship for the PR company for Meadham Kirchhoff!
Being one of my favourite designers, I was so excited for the upcoming LFW show! One the intern's main jobs were to hand deliver all the invitations all around London for 3 days straight, which is as tiring as it sounds. Yet as soon as show day arrived, all the work was a little bit worth it although I only managed to catch the last moments of the show after helping out at the front, but being around the preparation & backstage was just as good.
Here is the Wax seal on the invites with their MK logo 
And outside the Topshop venue 'Blackscore' were giving out these cool free fashion tees [obvs I got this one] which I'm giving to my friend Jack because it's more his style :)



Monki sneak peak

The Monki shop in London is quickly becoming a favourite of mine so finding out there was a 'Sneak Peak' Mag launch party was a no brainer about going.
Other than the cool interior, it was such a fun & welcoming atmosphere with free drinks handed out, loud music playing & 20% off too! Upstairs we [Jenn, Lillie & I] went to look at more clothes and in search of a spare mag that had all been snapped up, but were distracted by complementary fake eyelashes, as you do. I decided to go for some wacky ones (below) because I thought what the hell 'go crazy or go home'..ok i have never ever said that in real life but you get my drift. Ah I'm clearly tired so I'll let my photos do the talking. 
 Live music from the Foxes, sounded so good.
Came back with a helium balloon, Monki magazine and wearing those shiny eyelashes (&weird looks walking home)



Pin wedges

I needed a quick fix...for these scuffed up wedges, I love them too much not to try.
So I brought a pack of 300 silver drawing pins for a measly price of 99p or summin' and started studdin', in the end I think it turned out alright and will last me longer - hopefully!



Places to go in Paris

The days before my little trip to Paris I spent ages trying to find things to do & places to go.
Failing to find a job & waiting to hear back from possible internships I ended up searching a hell of a lot of sites. But other than the Standard landmarks that everyone goes to, I found it really hard to find things off the beaten track. [Paris in four months and Oh Happy Days! helped though] So I've decided to do this post to kinda 'Pay it forward' about the things I came across for anyone struggling like I was :)
 Angelina's - Literally (in my opinion) the best thick hot chocolate I've ever had, it was rich & sweet at the same time. Worth the 
Amorino's - As you can see they do these Rose shaped ice-cream but they are soo delicious too! Creamy delight!
 Pain.Vin.Fromages - Had an authentic french cheese fondue meal at this place which is a little away from the touristy area & worth a little waiting.
 Vintage Desir - Stumbled across this vintage shop with really good quality clothing & deals, nice & tidy too. I got 2 tops for €3 & a jumper for €5!
 Free'P'Star - Prices starting from €1! You will need to rummage though. The street is a place to visit in it's self, quite a gay scene & full of character.
Shakespeare & Co - This bookshop is one of the oldest, it's lovely just to look around & discover the little elements around.

Hope this helps anyone who comes across my blog


Oh Oui Oui

Prepare yourself for a handful of photos below from my long weekend in Par-eee... er Paris.
Summing it up quickly: HOT [38 degrees - I am actually pathetic in heat], walking everywhere equals achey legs, yummy french food, amazing graffiti, glowing lights at night, erm..some crazy people, perfect window sills, outdoor cafes, homeless people, makeshift beaches, the accent....
Okay I lied, I could go on some more.
View from our hotel room / Graffiti / Clever sign / Macaroons! / Virgin Suicides Open Air Cinema / Kirsten Dunst on screen / Inside the Cafe 'Amelie' worked in / Cheese fondue dinner / Graffitied van / Failure to take group picturesMy travel journal / and inside it. 



London Bolt

Small selection of photo memories from London to Manchester
Last week I had a few days at Hannah's new pad in Manc spending our time catching up, vintage shopping, watching a film on the make-shift sofa, eating morning waffles & drinking cocktails at night - ah bless. 
[loved watching people take photos next to these - London Bolt] -  Manchester:



Garden Sun

A last minute invite to a Wedding party on Sunday held in the grooms family's back garden.
I say garden but it was so much more than that! Luckily, it also turned out to be a beautiful sunny day too as everyone sat on the hill enjoying the scenery, eating an Iraqi buffet followed by the most delicious looking desert table which I happily piled on my plate.
This little dog decided to sit by us whist we ate dessert, aww.