1 more week

Not long until I'm back home in a nice warm house eating my mum's home cooked meals :)
And Christmas time of course! Not gonna lie, I haven't been doing anything very exciting but I did go to see the coca cola truck last week! Ah & the weather is getting worse too [please don't snow yet..touch wood]
Christmasy music at Starbucks to get me in the mood & I'm not a major fan but their caramel hot chocolate is yummy as
New riding boots - Managed to scuff them up already [£20 including p&p on ebay]
The other day I got my top piercing done (again..) Yay! hopefully next week I can get a hoop earring for it :)


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Katrina said...

You are lucky that you get to see coca cola truck!! I've always wanted to witness one. It is cool that you had a new piercing, I am so craving to get new one too!