Faded pink

At last! I got round to developing my newest film camera that I got over summer
My replacement after my little Olympic trip broke :( tbh not a lot of them came out as I got too eager and shot a lot without enough sunlight...whoops, but I like the colours of these:
Also a bonus that I bought this new camera for only £1.99! Bargains, I love you.
[photos done additionally for my photo shoot]



Sneaky peak

For one of my modules at Uni I have to create a photo spread for a magazine of my choice.
I chose Lula magazine! So I'm sharing some of my behind the scenes shots, well okayy really it's  just quick photos I took of the accessories I used for the shoot..
 I will eventually get round to sharing my chosen photos for the mag...when I've actually completely finished editing them!
Although not in the mood to work.




Hallooweeen! One of my favourite days purely because it's an excuse to dress up!
Decided this year to be a dead/evil (er you decide) bride, basically gothed it up a little. Best part is seeing everyone else all dressed up & get creative, don't think I saw anyone that wasn't when I went out! 
Got 'Till death do us part' drawn on as a chest tattoo.
 Cupcakes I made, a little bit rushed...
Me & jack, mmm blood shots with some jelly sweets
Hope everyone else had a good one :)