Second year of uni has BEGUN...Ok it started a few weeks back but you get me. 
I have a lot of work that should be keeping me busy but I just need to get more stuck in. I've also been trying to make my new house more homey so hopefully I'll take some pics of it when we're nearly finished, it's cute I like it :)
Showing you my tackylicious card I made for my friend Lillie's 21st (Check out her blog!) - I added more beads/sequins etc after & photoshopped this image [our little joke].
 And this little monster is Colin, I made him in my uni society :) 




Title: slang for inspiration..thanks urban dictionary :/ really don't know why I keep saying this word and who the hell I got it from? It's a bit annoying.
My main point is I had to share these hair clips, they are so cool! I don't think I could personally pull them off but I do admire them :) 

Dinosaur, Stegosaurus, hair clips! [Screen shot from 'Girls just want to have fun'] 
I took this sneaky photo at fashion week of this girl's skeleton hand clip! I've also seen it on The Milk Club's blog, it really suits her :)