Glitter boots

Who hates Mens day at fashion week? Exactly, no one does!
They save the best for last ha and actually saw a lot more recognisable people there, biggest of all was Kate Moss!! Everyone working with me were still buzzing after she left and it was all we could talk about. Definitely the perfect way to finish my work experience.

 BB (from dirty sexy things) modelled in the James Small show. Nice shorts BB
Literally my only photo that wasn't blurry of Kate Moss & Jamie Hince at James Small's show.
& In love with these glitter gold army boots used in Kathleen Kye's show, what do you think?



lillie said...

cannot get over how close you were to Kate Moss! Mental! looks like you had an awesome time on work expereince dana! will have to skype really soon- i miss you! xx

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

BB's so pretty. Love the shoes too. x hivenn

Wends said...

when shoes are made of unicorn dreams