Glitter boots

Who hates Mens day at fashion week? Exactly, no one does!
They save the best for last ha and actually saw a lot more recognisable people there, biggest of all was Kate Moss!! Everyone working with me were still buzzing after she left and it was all we could talk about. Definitely the perfect way to finish my work experience.

 BB (from dirty sexy things) modelled in the James Small show. Nice shorts BB
Literally my only photo that wasn't blurry of Kate Moss & Jamie Hince at James Small's show.
& In love with these glitter gold army boots used in Kathleen Kye's show, what do you think?



Flower tops

I realise I'm still going on & on about LFW buutt here are a few more photos I took of my favourite womanswear shows I managed to see..
Bit gutted I missed one of the craziest fashion shows with Ziad Ghanem at VFS as people were calling him the new Mcqueen and I always like a dose of OTT fashion. Check out some of the photos of the show from the VFS blog hereee.

These headpieces were beautiful as were the embroidered netting [Elisa Palomino 
 Backstage photo - Inbar Spector's dresses were amazing, reminded me a little of Viktor&Rolf. Another designer, Georgia Hardinge, had the most wearable collection, most pieces were flowy & the model's hair was styled uniquely.
Also Pandemonia watched a few of shows shows at VFS so I managed to get a snap - must be boiling! It's weird to think someone is under there lol


Lèvres scintillantes

One free morning my friend Jes and I checked out the Chanel exhibition at Harrods!
I hated that no photos were allowed inside but we had a really good tour guide who explained everything & told us some stories I won't forget. I completely recommend visiting, it's inspiring :) Later we both tried some new Chanel lip-glosses [Ooh la la] & had our photos taken in their photo booth!

 Result of the photo booth ♥ Background is also my photo of Lola's cupcakes at Harrods
I chose a red velvet cupcake mmm - yeah my face was horrible in this photo so I made it disappear
Later that day whilst working at VFS I managed to watch more shows - I like this headpiece [Dans le vie]



Abbey Lee Kershaw

Got a little bit slash a lot starstruck when I saw Abbey walk out after John Rocha's show
Think I annoyed her tbh by the way she looked at me...maybe because I invaded her personal space a little bit, oops sorry Abbey! She still managed to look stunning though!

Looking right at me, wooow (and below)
She manages to have such great style too...how jealous are you of how tall & lean she is, ahhh



Around the corner

Finished a shift early on Saturday so headed to Somerset house so see what was going down
My friend Jes had been talking about Olivia Palermo all day [she has a major girl crush] after she'd been spotted in London but we didn't expect to actually come across her! It was actually perfect timing, we arrived at the courtyard, turned a corner and she walked out the BFC catwalk space! 

 She happily let me take photos of her (mine above) and said ''Hey guys, you having a good day?"ah she was so sweet.. I couldn't talk
A lot of crazy/amazing outfits around LFW, lovely rich red fur coat/ Nadia from FrouFrouu, always love what she wears :)



Vauxhall fashion scout

During LFW I'm volunteering with Vauxhall Fashion Scout  working as Front of house!
Its quite tiring but its becoming more enjoyable after the first day was done & the shows actually started. I get a chance to see most the shows which are mostly up and coming designers  :) 

 Love these glasses. [Eudon Choi
 My favourite from the Graduate showcase was Charlotte Barry, especially love these shoes!
mmm hummingbird cupcakes backstage
Masha Ma's collection was my favourite at VFS this weekend :) Head harness is so striking 



Cake fail

 Last Friday was my last day working at Tatty Devine! Really sad to go :(
For my last week I was also given the opportunity to help out with the photo shoot of the SS/12 collection. I had to make sure everything was perfectly clean & laid out nicely to be photographed. Can't wait to see them on the website next season...really wish I could tell you what the new designs are like! Anyway, I wanted to bake something special to say thanks but after trying various times I failed miserably & decided to buy a lovely cake instead:

Ended up getting the cake from Albion, they even wrote a message for me :)
 All my attempts. I just didn't want to give a rubbish cake & most of them tasted horrible. My sister made Mr lobster there.
What I brought during my time there! - Crystal shards ring/Moustache ring/ Gold pyramid necklace. 
AND me and my banana necklace! :)