Til death do us part

So I watch a lot of food channel programmes (too many it's embarrassing) & it only feeds (pun) my love of all things sweet.
There's The Ace of Cakes, Cupcake wars, Kid in a candy store, Cake Boss etc etc but my favourite show at the moment has to be ChoccywoccydoodahSometimes when I watch these programmes I tend to criticize & think I could create a lot better but with CWDD their skills are crazy good. In my opinion their layered/themed cakes are one of the best & if I ever get married I am having my wedding cake done by them! (shotgun?)

Found the place while I was shopping, pretty exciting when I first pasted it! - So many lovely rich paintings all over the wall.
Treated myself to a White Chocolate Truffle Milkshake mmm
Just wow, carved chocolate cherubs 

Above is a drawing I did of one of their cakes in the shop, hope you like it and like me, are very hungry now :)



Doing it her way. said...

Ahh these are amazing. So is your drawing!!

Spence. said...

Cool photos :) and wow your drawing is absolutely awesome, honestly you're so talented!

Tessies Hearts said...

Oh wow that drawing is wonderful!! *daydreams about milkshakes and cakes...* xx

Vintage Mavens said...

I am addicted to Food Network here in the states. I love shows that center around diners especially :) Love your photographs!

Sorry for replying to the comment you left on my blog so late, but we shoot with a Cannon 1D Mark 4 and have a few Zeiss lenses. My husband takes the photos for the blog, so I'm not quite sure which lens he used in particular. I will ask and get back to you. I love Zeiss, but don't like that there is no auto focus. For a beginner photographer like me, the auto focus is essential! What camera do you usually use?

Panda said...

OH MY GOD I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!! I love ace of cakes and cake boss omg im obsessed!!! That place looks incredible, seriously in the mood for cake right now. Brilliant drawing too, your very talented. Panda xo