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First month at my work placement has floowwn by & I've decided to stay a bit longer :)
Realised I haven't actually mentioned where I'm doing it at: Tatty Devine! I really like getting an insight into the brand that I've been a fan of for years & see the workings of the studio where they hand make/design all the jewellery. My job is mostly to handle all the mail orders and do the packaging which I don't mind doing, I like keeping busy & get to see all the stock! But I also got a chance to make some jewellery (which is easier said than done! So I completely appreciate all the effort/end result.)

My name necklace that was made for me! Like it?
Jessie J wearing her own tatty devine necklace
One of the best things about this internship is the lovely people who work there, amount of tea/cake I've consumed and the yummy home made lunch I get. The photo above is a good example :) 


lillie said...

Dana that necklace is too cool! Can't wait to see you wear it! also that cake looks BANG TIDY xxx

Anonymous said...

awww I'm so jealous would love to ork at Tatty Devine and especially to make my own! xxx

Jo said...

I love love love your name necklace! <3 The colour is gorgeous too!

Lost in the Haze

Nav said...

looks lovely! I love Tatty Devine, and they seem like such nice people to work with!