Fab Fifties

I was invited along with the Tatty Devine team to help out with their Rosette craft workshop!
It was all a part of the Fabulous Fifties event at the Museum of London. Everyone looked amazing, arriving all dressed up from head to toe in their 50's gear and had their hair done in full blown pin-up style [so jealous of this]. 

[photo taken from here]
Don't be fooled by this photo, this was taken at the end of the event, there were actually queues of people waiting to take a seat so they could create their very own 'measuring tape rosette' = Big success! Loved the decor too!
My very own Rosette brooch I made ^ easy to make once you get the hang of it :) I wish I took more photos of the event & of my outfit but I was too busy that I lost track of time.

Did anyone else go?? I'd love to hear about the rest of the activities at the event & please share any photos/blog posts about it too!



J.EA.C said...

The man in the top picture, although kind of old, is really hot. xo

Paranoik Paprika said...

cool pin! I adore this pictures! :)