Til death do us part

So I watch a lot of food channel programmes (too many it's embarrassing) & it only feeds (pun) my love of all things sweet.
There's The Ace of Cakes, Cupcake wars, Kid in a candy store, Cake Boss etc etc but my favourite show at the moment has to be ChoccywoccydoodahSometimes when I watch these programmes I tend to criticize & think I could create a lot better but with CWDD their skills are crazy good. In my opinion their layered/themed cakes are one of the best & if I ever get married I am having my wedding cake done by them! (shotgun?)

Found the place while I was shopping, pretty exciting when I first pasted it! - So many lovely rich paintings all over the wall.
Treated myself to a White Chocolate Truffle Milkshake mmm
Just wow, carved chocolate cherubs 

Above is a drawing I did of one of their cakes in the shop, hope you like it and like me, are very hungry now :)



Moustache shop

Surprised to find out the weekend I chose to go down to Brighton was Gay Pride!
Really had no idea but it made my trip more enjoyable with all the buzz of the excitement and seeing everyone dressed up. But either way Pride or no Pride it was good to catch up with a couple of friends & basically chill out

 Some of the people I came across, amazing outfits ha

 Pretty windy day so we mostly sheltered behind parked boats - wearing my Lazy oaf top :)

And of course I had to included a standard food pic : We dumped anything (edible) on our pancakes...like pieces of jam doughnuts mmm 



Fab Fifties

I was invited along with the Tatty Devine team to help out with their Rosette craft workshop!
It was all a part of the Fabulous Fifties event at the Museum of London. Everyone looked amazing, arriving all dressed up from head to toe in their 50's gear and had their hair done in full blown pin-up style [so jealous of this]. 

[photo taken from here]
Don't be fooled by this photo, this was taken at the end of the event, there were actually queues of people waiting to take a seat so they could create their very own 'measuring tape rosette' = Big success! Loved the decor too!
My very own Rosette brooch I made ^ easy to make once you get the hang of it :) I wish I took more photos of the event & of my outfit but I was too busy that I lost track of time.

Did anyone else go?? I'd love to hear about the rest of the activities at the event & please share any photos/blog posts about it too!



Maroon anchor

First month at my work placement has floowwn by & I've decided to stay a bit longer :)
Realised I haven't actually mentioned where I'm doing it at: Tatty Devine! I really like getting an insight into the brand that I've been a fan of for years & see the workings of the studio where they hand make/design all the jewellery. My job is mostly to handle all the mail orders and do the packaging which I don't mind doing, I like keeping busy & get to see all the stock! But I also got a chance to make some jewellery (which is easier said than done! So I completely appreciate all the effort/end result.)

My name necklace that was made for me! Like it?
Jessie J wearing her own tatty devine necklace
One of the best things about this internship is the lovely people who work there, amount of tea/cake I've consumed and the yummy home made lunch I get. The photo above is a good example :)