Sky puddle

I managed to catch the end of Lazy Oaf's sample sale on Sunday!
As other Londoners know, it poured & poured & pou...yeah you get it, it rained, but I was determined to go. There were so many things I wanted it took ages to make my mind up. Ah I love their stuff!

 Only just noticed another shadow graffiti, look to the right bottom corner of the photo [like my other post]

Gathered change for a 30p buttered bagel (who said London had to be pricey?) Also love that I can see the sky reflected in the puddle
So I bought a black 90's sleeve t-shirt, nice & baggy just how I like it, and some abstract mitts - they're a bit big but for £1 I don't care!

I realise I'm a few years late when people were raving about them but this month I made time to properly listen to Mumford&Sons's album and now it's just on repeat. One of my favourites that I'm sharing above is 'White blank page'. So lovely


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Emma said...

Love Lazy Oaf! Brilliant deal on those abstract mittens (and the bagels); I love mittens and those are lovely. x