Routine cows

I've been taking a longer route to my work placement each day so I can see these cows.
Small graffiti cows I mean, not sure why I like them so much but they are so simple & cute. It could just be that I am just easily amused like I've said in my about me :)

 I've seen similar work around London but can't seem to find out who the artist is, if anyone knows please tell me!

 Super cow / On friday at my work placement, they had a 'lemon' theme lunch do to celebrate a birthday - home made lemonade, lemon macaroons, lots of lemon cake & muffins, lemon fudge etc  mmmm...
Came home to more cake made by my sister as a surprise, not complaining. You can never have enough cake!

Also, Beyonce 'Best thing I never had' is new a favourite song after seeing her performance at Glasto on tv, amazing!
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The GUILTY HYENA said...

I don't blame you for taking the longer route! Though with my unpunctuality it would be a tad unwise! This creative graffiti.. locks two hands together kind of charming!

Anonymous said...

awww I love the cow graffiti xxx