Hi Ben & Jerry

Where can you get lots of yummy ice-cream? At the Ben & Jerry's Festival of course!
Me & my friends enjoyed our Sunday by munching on different flavoured ice-creams (Caramel chew chew was my fav of the day) & listening to live music - what an amazing combo. Perfect weather too, although I got sunburnt...anyone else go??

 Showing our love - also I'm wearing my new pineapple print shorts, I felt very summery in them :)
 Felt like everyone had brought a blanket & picnic prepared, must remember next time
One of many
 The queue was crazy for the helter skelter! 
 mmm chunky chips
Maximo Park / Earlier in the day we watched  'Little Comets' do a set too & although I've heard of them, I'd never listen to their stuff. To cut to the chase, I really enjoyed their songs & hope to listen to their whole album soon!

This song particularly puts me in a good mood, hope it makes you dance!



Ife. said...

How do you find out about all these different festivals because i would love to go to one!! x

Anonymous said...

Little comets are amazing, you should get there album! This sounds like my ideal festival hmmmm ice cream!! xxx