B-boy champs

Last weekend I went to see the National B-boy Championship 2011 in Islington .
Although the break dancing was really good, I preferred watching the popping battles [Some were amazing!] At the same time, I couldn't help but look at everyone's clothing, all crisp with a hip-hop edge. Mainly pristine caps/trainers teamed with bold baggy graphic tees all around. You should know by now that I love my graphic tees :)
Most my photos came out blurred...I really must get on with my new years resolution & learn more camera skills
Some Hip hop styled inspiration from Tokyo. It's so striking & bold, can't actually explain how beyond-amazing Japanese style is,  they have no fear and go all out! I want have to go there and maybe work there and maybe live....OKAY I won't go further into this subject today haha [link]



Autilia Antonucci said...

Hello ! Yes that was most likely me on saturday I was on my way to the 1234 festival or on the way back at at point. Such a small world haha

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Many dancers come across wearing some great edgy pieces, I think it also helps the way they move in them and the persona they have!

I'm a huge aficionado of Japanese street fashion, one of my aspirations has always been to visit Tokyo, I was supposed to go earlier this year until the major earthquake, I've had to put it on hold for a while now.

Following you back D! :)

lillie said...

the dance competition sounds like it was really good! and i totally know what you mean about Japanese style, no other style like it! wish i had some balls like they do. i started up my blog d! its a bit shit but have a cheeky peek if you'd like! x