Hi Ben & Jerry

Where can you get lots of yummy ice-cream? At the Ben & Jerry's Festival of course!
Me & my friends enjoyed our Sunday by munching on different flavoured ice-creams (Caramel chew chew was my fav of the day) & listening to live music - what an amazing combo. Perfect weather too, although I got sunburnt...anyone else go??

 Showing our love - also I'm wearing my new pineapple print shorts, I felt very summery in them :)
 Felt like everyone had brought a blanket & picnic prepared, must remember next time
One of many
 The queue was crazy for the helter skelter! 
 mmm chunky chips
Maximo Park / Earlier in the day we watched  'Little Comets' do a set too & although I've heard of them, I'd never listen to their stuff. To cut to the chase, I really enjoyed their songs & hope to listen to their whole album soon!

This song particularly puts me in a good mood, hope it makes you dance!



Sky puddle

I managed to catch the end of Lazy Oaf's sample sale on Sunday!
As other Londoners know, it poured & poured & pou...yeah you get it, it rained, but I was determined to go. There were so many things I wanted it took ages to make my mind up. Ah I love their stuff!

 Only just noticed another shadow graffiti, look to the right bottom corner of the photo [like my other post]

Gathered change for a 30p buttered bagel (who said London had to be pricey?) Also love that I can see the sky reflected in the puddle
So I bought a black 90's sleeve t-shirt, nice & baggy just how I like it, and some abstract mitts - they're a bit big but for £1 I don't care!

I realise I'm a few years late when people were raving about them but this month I made time to properly listen to Mumford&Sons's album and now it's just on repeat. One of my favourites that I'm sharing above is 'White blank page'. So lovely



Baby Fayre

Last week, I came across a really small summer fayre in Islington.
 It reminded me of my primary school fairs days & my love of doing tombolas! The last few tombolas I've done in the past I've kept winning things...I never win the best things but thats not the point lol, this time was no exception.

What I won, mini chocolate eggs! Yay! Which was confiscated when I went into the O2 academy, boo! Won a bag too but had no space to keep it...basically didn't keep anything :(
Cute table set out at the antique fair :) So neat.



B-boy champs

Last weekend I went to see the National B-boy Championship 2011 in Islington .
Although the break dancing was really good, I preferred watching the popping battles [Some were amazing!] At the same time, I couldn't help but look at everyone's clothing, all crisp with a hip-hop edge. Mainly pristine caps/trainers teamed with bold baggy graphic tees all around. You should know by now that I love my graphic tees :)
Most my photos came out blurred...I really must get on with my new years resolution & learn more camera skills
Some Hip hop styled inspiration from Tokyo. It's so striking & bold, can't actually explain how beyond-amazing Japanese style is,  they have no fear and go all out! I want have to go there and maybe work there and maybe live....OKAY I won't go further into this subject today haha [link]



Routine cows

I've been taking a longer route to my work placement each day so I can see these cows.
Small graffiti cows I mean, not sure why I like them so much but they are so simple & cute. It could just be that I am just easily amused like I've said in my about me :)

 I've seen similar work around London but can't seem to find out who the artist is, if anyone knows please tell me!

 Super cow / On friday at my work placement, they had a 'lemon' theme lunch do to celebrate a birthday - home made lemonade, lemon macaroons, lots of lemon cake & muffins, lemon fudge etc  mmmm...
Came home to more cake made by my sister as a surprise, not complaining. You can never have enough cake!

Also, Beyonce 'Best thing I never had' is new a favourite song after seeing her performance at Glasto on tv, amazing!
  Oh and you can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin!



Deer & picnics

Finally finished working at Wimbledon this morning & can't wait to have more free time!
Managed to actually get last Sunday off which I completely needed after having a work sleep work sleep routine and went to Richmond park with a few friends :) Hopefully I'll have more picnics this summer


Entered in an young refugee art competition recently & illustrated my take on how some refugees are demoted when they immigrate.
Okay now I'm going to bed to attempt to reverse my nocturnal state due to my night shifts!