Wimbledon season

I've been working night shifts everyday at Wimbledon during the Championships
It's not a glamorous job at all but when you need money you do what you need to do! I think the thing I needed to get used to the most was having lunchtime at 3am..anyway here are some bad quality photos I managed to take:

Uniform / Snacks & one of my favourite songs at the moment   [Chase & Status - 'Time' Feat. Delilah]
London view in the morning
When I came early for my shift - Henman Hill, Roger Federer on the screen.
 Standard tea to get me through the night
Managed  to get in Centre court to watch the Andy Murray & Ivan Ljubicic game!!
Best thing to have when I've finished my shift at 8am! :)



The GUILTY HYENA said...

Managed to get a ticket's for Nadal vs Fish match. I'm a tennis fan. I never knew people did night shifts at the championships!

Georgia said...

Mmmm Macdonalds. You just initiated my craving
It would be mine