This week

A collection of pictures to sum up last week...well a little.
I actually watched 'The Kings Speech' the week before but so glad I finally got round to seeing it. Definitely recommend! Could be because I'm bias - pretty sure I've already mentioned how I'm a big fan of Colin Firth, he did not disappoint.

Love the Wallpaper in the film ^

Yeah so I stupidly chose these shoes for Thorpe Park on Wednesday. Soaked.

After watching a film with an american diner I made chocolate chip pancakes - great with a dollop of ice cream.

Brought 2 Motel dresses off Ebay!
Sometimes I get quite competitive on Ebay and treat it like an online game. I do the whole 'wait for the last 10 seconds' thing, then when I win I realise I don't actually want the items that much & I'm actually dealing with real money. My money.
[In this case I do really like these dresses :) ] 



little t. said...

omg give me that pancake! yummmm

Doing it her way. said...

Love the leopard print shoes!